B.A.P’s 1004 (Angel) MV Interpretation

Okay, this is super late, I know. I just wanted to share my interpretation of the video. 

 At the beginning when Yongguk is running toward the ribcage-looking structure he’s essentially running back toward his heart, trying to run back toward his memories from before the girl died. He eventually manages to dig up their memories, which are represented by the silver figure he holds.

We then see Daehyun wandering into a room and switching on an old film reeler (we’ll get to that in a moment) and then picking up an hourglass that he stares at sadly before flipping it over. What Daehyun tried to do was turn back time so that he could be with the girl again, but instead he just ends up being flooded with memories.

The film that Daehyun switched on starts playing in front of Himchan, who watches it fondly for a while before he ends up incredibly depressed. The man in the mirror whom Himchan killed was the old Himchan, the one who was happy with the girl. Himchan was killing his old self, trying to rid himself of their old memories together. Basically he was trying to erase himself in the hopes that his memories of the girl would be erased as well. 

Youngjae is in a room of mirrors,and can’t get out. The girl’s face keeps appearing on the walls, making Younjae more and more distressed. Essentially Youngjae is trapped inside his memories with the girl, trying to convince himself that she isn’t really gone and that everything is fine. After a while he can’t take it anymore and punches the mirror where the girl’s face had last appeared. He finally realizes that she’s never coming back and breaks down, unable to take the truth.

Jongup is standing in front of a wall where angel wings are engraved, grieving over the girl’s death. He sits there for quite some time, just moping before he lashes out and punches the wall. This creates a crater that light shines through, casting a light on Jongup. Jongup tries to reach out toward the light but can’t reach it no matter how hard he tries. This symbolizes that he is no longer able to have light in his life without the girl there with him.

Zelo is seen in front of a merry-go-round with the girl, just having fun and doing what couples do. Later on he’s seen in front of the same ride but this time its broken down, abandoned. Zelo tries to activate the ride, make it light up, do anything, but the merry-go-round just breaks down even more with every attempt. This symbolizes Zelo’s heart and how every time he thinks of the girl he breaks down more until finally he’s nothing. He can’t function, he can’t see the light, nothing. He’s alone and broken, just like the merry-go-round.

The lyrics are the more simple part. The girl left (I’m assuming she died?). She never told the boy about her issue and pretended that she was fine. After she died the boy feels betrayed and like he can’t trust anyone anymore. He becomes a depressed wreck, consulting alcohol to numb the pain. He constantly begs for the girl to come back, stating that he is nothing without her and that he hates her for leaving him. By the end of the song he seems as though he’s accepted her death, saying that she has moved on to a better day. He asks her to look over him as an angel, and to stay by his side forever.

Disclaimer: This is just my own personal opinion. It is not what others might think, nor am I trying to force my views on anyone else. I just thought some people would be interested in what the music video might mean.


UPDATED 30.01.14
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